Exhaust Systems

Exhaust system repairs range from exhaust manifold gasket and bolt replacement, broken stud or bolt repair, flex pipe replacement, flange repair, muffler replacement,  heat shield repair, tubing repair, and to exhaust hanger repairs. Mufflers make the exhaust noise level acceptable and catalytic converters clean harmful exhaust emissions.  A very needed system to maintain vehicle sound levels and occupant safety from poisonous fumes and emissions.

Exhaust Maintenance
  • flange repair.
  • changing exhaust pipes
  • replacing flex pipes.
  • replacing gaskets and seals.
  • extracting broken bolt fragments.
  • repairing heat shields.
  • fabricating exhaust tubing sections.
  • repairing hangers
  • muffler replace.
  • catalytic converter replace.
  • oxygen sensors.