Fluid Leak Repairs

Fluid leaks are common issues in automobiles and light trucks. Majority of the components in an automobile uses certain fluid specified by the manufacturer to keep the internal parts from knocking, heating or seizing due to constant contact with one another. For example, in an engine there are two fluids that run through multiple different cavities. One is the engine oil and the other is the engine coolant/antifreeze. Both these fluids play a crucial role in the function and endurance of an engine. The engine oil keeps certain parts in an engine lubed as needed to allow the metal parts in contact with one another without damaging from friction, heat or fire.

Coolant on the other hand performs the job of keeping the engine at a certain temperature so that the engine would not overheat. The manufacturer has a specification as to how much oil and coolant must be in an engine to keep it from knocking, overheating or seizing. When the coolant leaks out of the cooling system in an engine or other assisting components (Radiator, Hoses etc.,) that help with sustaining the engine to run at a normal operating temperature. This system is a pressurized system. When the system looses pressure, in many cases could result in damage to the internal components if not fixed right away. It is the same principal applied to the power steering system, brake hydraulic system, transmission, transfer case and differential system. In some cases based on how much fluid is leaking or being burnt, temporarily repairs can be held back for a certain period of time, but it will need to be monitored.

If there are fluid leaks in any of your components that holds fluids,or you see a puddle of fluid on the ground it is important that you have it addressed to keep the components from being damaged from lack of lubrication, wasting money on fluids, and harming the environment.

Fluids Maintenance
  • engine coolant; watyer pump thermostat, intake manifold gaskets, hoses, radiators.
  • brake fluid
  • power steering fluid
  • transmission fluid
  • supercharger coolant
  • transfer case fluid
  • differential fluid
  • engine oil
  • clutch fluid
  • supercharger oil